Hello World

My name is Yogesh, I’m passionate engineer from Pune, India. I started my journey in Software engineering as Fullstack Developer in July 2012. Almost all the technologies that I use in day to day work I’ve learned by CopyPasta 🍝 or trial and error approach.

Since last year or two I’m constantly confronted the problems with this type of learning. You just end up using the language/ technology for short period of time and never understand its purpose or mindset in which the author has created it. Of course, I’m not the first person to realise this problem but for me this is one of the biggest blockers in my career growth.

The reason I started this as my first blog post is to release the pressure that keeps building inside me.

My goal is to keep adding blog posts here to re-understand something I had learned or something I want to learn. Of course that doesn’t mean that I’ll release all the post publicly.