चुकत रहा की चुक करत रहा?

माझी भाषा शुध्द नही, कारण माज मन स्वच्छ नाही. माझ्या मते! चुक करत रहा म्हणजे जाणते पणी चुका करत रहा व त्या नसमजता विसरून जा. ह्यच्यात राग दडलाय. चुकत रहा म्हणजे अजाणते पणी केलेल्या चुका समजून त्या सुधारत रहा व त्या टाळण्याचा प्रयत्न करत रहा. ह्यच्यात गंमत दडली आहे. Updated: 2021-07-23T06:48:0+02:00

Cheap Static Hosting with AWS and Cloudflare

TL;DR Host static content on AWS S3/CloudFront and manage the domain on Cloudflare I’ve been managing a couple of SPA’s for friends and family members for a few years now. Initially, I used the shared hosting service offered by a variety of Domain/ Hosting providers. It used to work fine, but I always thought why should I pay for shared hosted compute when I only just want to host a static website (without PHP).

Hello World

My name is Yogesh, I’m passionate engineer from Pune, India. I started my journey in Software engineering as Fullstack Developer in July 2012. Almost all the technologies that I use in day to day work I’ve learned by CopyPasta 🍝 or trial and error approach. Since last year or two I’m constantly confronted the problems with this type of learning. You just end up using the language/ technology for short period of time and never understand its purpose or mindset in which the author has created it.